Facebook Content

Facebook marketing is used to promote a brand and maintain its presence on social media. Facebook marketing refers to organic posting on your business page, paid Facebook ads (sponsored), or boosted posts.
Doing marketing through Facebook and Instagram is an essential way to expand your reach on most social media platforms. With Facebook ads, we can determine your main goal and design a marketing strategy around that to achieve your goal, whether it be more phone calls or just building awareness of your brand. With most of the Facebook objectives, your ads serve on Instagram automatically using your Facebook page name and profile picture, whether you have an Instagram account set up or not. There is a variety of different goals to choose from when it comes to Facebook advertising:

• Traffic - Directing traffic to either your website or your phone number.
• Engagement - Getting users to engage with either your page, a specific post, or an event
• Lead generation - To find users that are more likely to fill in a form, or click on a call button to enquire more about your services offered
• Messages - This can be either Messenger messages or WhatsApp messages.
• App Installs - If you have an app setup, this goal will focus on directing people to a place where they can download and engage with your app.