As marketers, our job is never complete. It's about being in everlasting motion, Innovation has become our daily task at EcoWeb, and our best marketing strategy is CARE. We put ourselves in our client's shoes. We have a window to be an inspiration from inside your company to the world, making us part of your team. To us, it's far more than showcasing your products & services or circulating information. We use marketing to open the minds of your clients with desires & beliefs. Engagement needs to be built, not bought. We achieve this by making marketing memorable to your potential clients by personalizing ads to your audience. We create ads that your clients can relate to.

Digital Marketing is constantly changing. New techniques are often evolving. EcoWeb is on top of the new trends, regulations, tools, and upgrades which keep your online presence ahead and up to date. Being a head benefits our daily innovation by allowing us to optimize marketing better and predict future statistics easily.

Marketing patterns, activity & behavior are data we collect and use to focus our effort on what works for your business and how we can further develop the marketing's success. This data has also been made accessible to our clients to further design customer experience based on audience interaction.

Benefits of marketing for your business:

Increases and strengthens your brand’s authority on the internet:

By creating quality content, you will show your followers that your brand “knows what it's doing”, which will give them greater confidence about your product/service, and their chance of becoming customers increases considerably.

Becoming an authority on and offline is not a simple or quick task: you will need to plan a good marketing strategy, adjust the brand's tone of voice and make a heavy investment in producing relevant content for your audience.

Makes your business be found faster on the internet:

Even for companies that do not intend to sell their products nationally, local marketing will make people in your region find your establishment faster and have all the information quickly (in addition to consuming your content via the website and social networks).

It is also possible to make your company be seen through SEO techniques applied to websites and blogs. Another way to make your company be found quickly is by making your website responsive, that is, the user can easily navigate between pages both on the computer and on the cell phone.

Build a targeted, quality audience:

This is a way to save money, as you will focus on making campaigns smaller, but with a high level of conversion, preventing you from spending money reaching people who won't buy your product.

Another benefit of investing in targeted marketing is the ability to measure the reach and results of campaigns in a much more specific way.

Allows engagement between customer and company:

How about making your brand closer to your audience? Through social networks, you can respond to comments, receive feedback from followers and even ask for suggestions for improvements to your product or service.

This interaction will make your followers have greater trust and appreciation for your brand. Companies closer to their target audience, consequently, will make more sales. It is to nurture this good relationship not only with potential buyers but also with current customers.

Deliver the right message to the right audience:

Remember when we said that quality is better than quantity? When applying a marketing strategy in your company, you will better understand which type of person is more apt to buy your product/service.

With this information in hand, you will produce content that will meet the expectations of these people, making them follow your company online, become customers, and even spread your brand to people you know and who have the same "profile" as them, causing the effect called “social proof”.