Google Ads

Google ads is a platform used to promote and grow your business and to ensure that your business reaches users at different stages of their Digital Journey so that they can find you. As a Google Partner, we have inside knowledge of the best practices, setting up and optimizing Google Ad campaigns, including search, display, shopping, and video. Each campaign is managed by a certified Ad professional: whose mission is to get the best possible ROI on your ad spend.

We provide our clients with a monthly report for them to see how the Google campaign is performing. This includes seeing how many visitors you had on what pages, As the biggest paid Ad platform in the world, Google Ads ensures businesses across the spectrum attract their target market.
Types of Google Ads

Search Network Campaign: Your ad will appear through a Search Network Campaign on not just Google Search and Maps but also hundreds of other Google search patterns, including Youtube and Google Shopping.

Display Network Campaign: Through a Display Network Campaign, you can get visual ads in front of people using products in the Google Display Network.

Shopping Campaign: Through a Shopping Campaign, Google will use your web store's product data to determine how and where within Google Shopping to show your ad.

Video Campaign: With a Video Campaign, your company will be promoted via a video ad on Youtube and other Google Display Network properties.

App Campaign: App Campaign, your ad will be displayed on Google Search, Youtube, Google Play, AdMob, the Google Display Network, Google Discover, Google search partners, and many other publishers that display app ads.