Just like Facebook Instagram posts are videos and images that get posted publicly to an Instagram wall. Businesses make use of these posts to share upcoming events, specials, or new products with their existing followers and potentially attract new followers.

Instagram Ads

These Ads can be placed on Instagram alone or linked with your Facebook Ads which means that the Ads will run on both platforms together. Similar to Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads make use of a wider audience range than just the posting such as users’ likes, shares, follows, and saves to promote your product or service to potential customers.

Why make use of Facebook and Instagram posting and Ads?

As social media grows and becomes the focus of the new generations, it becomes extremely important for businesses to run with this trend. Facebook and Instagram posting is important for your business as it allows you to maintain an online presence, continuously grow your brand awareness, and more importantly, engage with your clientele. What better way of gaining insights into your clients' lives than engaging with them?
As Facebook and Instagram posting is more limited as it reaches your existing audience it is great to pair it with Facebook and Instagram Ads which makes use of a wider range of audiences such as your current followers, friends of those followers, as well as other people on Facebook’s likes, shares, and posts. Facebook and Instagram Ads also utilized remarketing tactics, meaning they will show your Ads to people that have viewed your page or website in the past even if they are not part of your current audience.